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J. Bryant Nixon, Triangle Construction Company

Lucas Concrete has partnered with Triangle on some of our most challenging and high profile projects… The team at Lucas understands what is important in making a building project successful and is extremely helpful in providing expertise in both the early stages of the product as well as in the execution of production and delivery… Lucas is in the business of delivering quality and value and is a trusted resource to Triangle.

James McCarthy, Icon Masonry

[Lucas Concrete] is, at the end of the day, about customer service and a good product. They’re very easy to deal with, and they get the job done… Service sets them apart. They’re excellent, and they deliver on time. They provide us good service so we can provide good service [to our clients].

Thomas Sayre, Clearscapes

I have worked with Lucas Concrete for approaching ten years producing one-of-a-kind cast parts for significant public art projects. Each project is unique, requiring Lucas to be willing to be inventive, flexible, and excited about doing something which hasn’t been done before. Who else would repeatedly allow an artist to invade their plant and try something completely new in the precast business?

Boris Tomic, LandDesign

… Versus larger precast companies, they are able to accept smaller jobs, to get into much more technically complicated projects than their larger competition. They have large expertise and experience in architectural precast. [With them,] you have the possibility of working on a variety of projects, [including] very complicated art projects which require very professional mold-making.

John Calvin, Skanska

Our team worked with Lucas Concrete on a recent project at Virginia Tech. [The Lucas Concrete] team were very collaborative during the early stages of the project to help with design, constructability, economy and schedule. During the construction, Lucas Concrete provided excellent support for schedule, logistics and problem solving. The end product resulted in a quality product that we can all be proud of. The overall team for this project was very happy with the performance of Lucas Concrete.